Monday @ Careers For Tomorrow Festival

August 10, 2020

Day one of the Careers For Tomorrow Festival 2020 sees a range of online workshops happening from 10am. BEST PRACTICE JOB APPLICATIONS Presented by Sandra Ursino, HR Director for Pitcher Partners, this... Read More

What’s On 10 – 14 August

August 10, 2020

After a sort of quiet Week 1, we’ve got a bit happening this week. From employer events to leadership development to job application support, we’re busy both face-to-face and in the virtual space. WA... Read More

Careers For Tomorrow Festival

August 6, 2020

Completely online for the first time, this year’s Careers For Tomorrow Festival will deliver a series of virtual events, activities and experiences. This is your opportunity to connect with industry - from... Read More

What’s On 3 – 7 August

August 3, 2020

Welcome to Semester 2! Because it's the first week of semester, and you might be still getting your head around being back on campus, we're keeping events to a minimum this week. Our 'Open Houses' are... Read More

What’s On 27 – 31 July

July 27, 2020

WELCOME TO O WEEK SEM 2 2020! Hope you’ve got your Personalised Orientation Planner sorted. Keep an eye out for our sessions – Explore Your Future, Build Your Employability, Develop Your Leadership... Read More

What’s On 13 – 17 July

July 13, 2020

We starting something new this week... open houses! You can call into B101 anytime between 10am and 1pm Monday to Thursday to find out about a different topic each day. Monday: Explore your potential There... Read More

What’s On 6 – 10 July

July 3, 2020

Last week we had more than 2000 bookings into 14 Graduate Gateway sessions - so this week we taking the chance to catch our breath! While we don't have any events, virtual or otherwise, planned, you can... Read More

What’s On 29 June – 3 July

June 26, 2020

THIS WEEK IT'S ALL ABOUT GRADUATE GATEWAY! We'll be hosting workshops across the week covering the broad range of skills you need to approach the job market with confidence, especially given the current... Read More

What’s On 15 – 19 June

June 12, 2020

It's the first week of exams - are you ready? We know it's a unique set of circumstances this time round, but remember - it's unique for everyone! Don't forget to look after yourself this week - eat, sleep,... Read More

What’s On 8 – 12 June

June 8, 2020

Welcome to Study Week! Hope you're all organised to make the most of your time. If you're looking for a break from the books, we've got a few events on this week... Cube Q&A | Thursday 11 June | Online... Read More