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Wide Open Agriculture (WOA) began when we discovered that the current food system accounts for 34% of carbon emissions and, in turn, is one of the leading causes of climate change.

We thought we, as a world, could do better than that. So we teamed up with industry experts to reinvent the way the world grows, thinks about, and buys food to create a better future for people and the planet.

By that, we mean ways that would allow us to produce nutritious food at accessible prices as well as nurture the planet back to health.

Today, we are proud of our growing portfolio of regenerative food products that are helping do just that. Here’s what we mean:

Regenerative, the future of food

To restore local ecosystems, WOA’s portfolio centres around food and drink products that come from regenerative farms.

As the name suggests, regenerative farming is about renewing the land. There are many environmental benefits to this, of course.

But, namely, when you have a healthy ecosystem, you reduce excess carbon in the atmosphere, instead of putting more in.

Plus, because the soil is healthy, the product’s quality is superior—from the standpoint of both nutrition and taste.

So, in short, regenerative farming is our way of making superior products while also addressing the environmental crisis

We think this is a powerful and practical way to have large scale, positive, and measurable impact.