We understand it’s a little scary out there at the moment, with digital disruption and economic turbulence changing many industries beyond recognition. It’s getting harder to ignore the conversations around the question ‘Will the career I’m working so hard towards even exist in five years’ time?’

Enough of that doom and gloom, we are here to help! We are running our inaugural Careers For Tomorrow Festival in Semester Two – a festival delivering an innovative and engaging program that will assist you to prepare your career for tomorrow.

The Festival will run from Wednesday 8 August to Friday 24 August at the Bentley Campus and the Graduate School of Business in Perth, with complementary content scheduled right here on Careers For Tomorrow.

We would like to say a special thank you to our naming rights sponsor, 
CA Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Underpinned by the Foundation for Young Australian’s research, the Festival aims to enhance your awareness of alternative career pathway options and how to best navigate the future world of work. The program will include guest speakers, industry panels, immersive case studies, workshops and experiential learning activities.

The Careers For Tomorrow Festival 2018 Program has been released!
Please keep a check for any last minute updates.