How to invest in your future – for free

November 20, 2017

We talk a lot about how valuable getting work experience is for university students, and how it can set you apart in a sea of people who have completed the same degree. But, we understand that not all... Read More

The recruitment agency: friend or foe?

November 17, 2017

With the semester over, some of you will be getting ready to apply for graduate jobs. When you do, this could involve dealing with recruitment agencies. Some people will tell you to steer far away from these... Read More

The freelancer life: understanding your choices

November 14, 2017

Does the thought of working for yourself set your mind sparking with ideas? If so, life as a freelancer rather than an employee could be the best solution for you. But, before you book your seat in a... Read More

No work experience on your resume? No worries.

November 10, 2017

Whether you’re applying for your first internship, a graduate role, or a paid position, there’s nothing more disheartening than realising you have little-to-no experience to add to your resume. You’re... Read More

Online application forms

November 8, 2017

With the Australian Labour Market reporting that at least five entry-level applicants all apply to the same job advert, it’s a no-brainer that the job market is getting even more competitive. Standing out... Read More

Striking a balance between hard and soft skills

November 3, 2017

Let’s face it, the world is moving pretty quickly these days – technology is advancing and we’re finding easier ways to get jobs done. So much so some jobs are being outsourced to other countries, or... Read More