Graduate Employers

February 12, 2019

As an “on-track-to-be-a-graduate” - which means everybody who is sticking with it at university by the way - keeping up with who’s employing who, and where and when their jobs are opening, is not a bad... Read More


Curtin Careers Fair 2019

The Curtin Careers Fair is changing in 2019! Come and see what’s new! To be held on Wednesday 13 March at Curtin Stadium, this is your... Read More


Kalgoorlie Careers Fair 2019

 Kalgoorlie Careers Fair, Wednesday 6 March 2019 We're pleased to confirm we're heading back to Kal! Taking place between 11:30pm – 1:30pm in... Read More

The Graduate Job Hunt

February 1, 2019

Finding a job after graduation can seem like a daunting task. You’ve spent all of this time studying and learning – not to mention, for many, the heavy HECS debt hanging over your head – and now you’re... Read More

Graduate Outcomes

January 24, 2019

Graduates and their job prospects are a hot topic in the news at the moment. If you’ve completed a degree, you may have already heard about the Graduate Outcomes Survey - there’s every chance you’ve... Read More

Gateway to the Future

January 10, 2019

As we settle in to the new year, we thought we could take a look back at a recent highlight from 2018... Over 400 Curtin students gave up some of their time at the end of last semester to attend our... Read More

Are you looking to lead?

January 8, 2019

Are you interested in furthering your leadership development and giving back to your local community? Maybe you want to gain some real life project and event management experience while developing new... Read More

Holiday break

December 20, 2018

Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership is closed from Friday 21 December 2018 ti Monday 7 January 2019. Don't forget you can still access our UniHub jobs board and resources during this time. We hope... Read More

The Dreaded Cover Letter

November 16, 2018

The average job seeker will usually put a lot of time and effort into crafting the perfect resume. It’s not until it comes time to put in the job application however, that many people realise they’ve... Read More